Empowering a climate literate workforce

After taking my course on climate literacy for business, students will be able to understand how to incorporate climate awareness into the workplace, so they can ensure that every job is a climate job

Did you know?

that most employees want to work for a company that has clear climate goals and to develop green skills in the workplace, but feel those goals and development opportunities are largely missing?

  • Develop climate literacy in the context of business

  • Make every job a climate job

  • Save huge amounts of time with my curation of highly-targeted information

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Course

    2. Introduction to Your Guide

    3. Green Jobs and the Green Economy

    1. How Are You Feeling About Climate Change?

    2. How Are Business Leaders Feeling About Climate Change?

    3. How Are Employees Feeling About Climate Change?

    4. Future Thinking

    5. Positive Thinking

    1. The Four Intelligences

    2. Climate IQ

    3. Climate EQ

    4. Climate AQ

    5. Climate CQ

    1. Climate Solutions at Work

    2. Emissions Reductions

    3. Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

    4. Products, Partnerships, and Procurement

    5. Investments and Financing

    6. Climate Disclosures

    7. Climate Policy Advocacy

    8. Business Model Transformation

    9. Long-Term Thinking

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Your Guide

I am the founder of Ecotopian Careers, which helps people transition to green jobs. I am also convener of the Work and Careers group at Climate Coaching Alliance and an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

Dr Joseph Gelfer

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